Estero Pool Cleaning Reviews

At SWFL, we want our customers in Estero to enjoy their pools as much as possible. There a few things better than jumping in the pool on a hot day and cooling off. But it can be a bit of a shock when you get your utility bills later on. Do not let those high bills stop you from enjoying your pool, though. There are still ways you can have a great time in your pool while being more energy efficient.

Don’t Waste Pool Water

Water escapes a pool in many ways. It can get evaporated, splashed, or leaked. You cannot control evaporation, but you can try to reduce the amount of splashing. You can invite your friends to relax on pool inflatable floating devices.

Use Your Pool Pump Strategically

Your pump has the potential to use a lot of energy, so try to run it when it is cheaper. Try to use your pump at night to save some money.

Buy in Bulk

Many pool supply stores will offer bulk deals at certain times of the year, and you should take advantage when you can. Chemicals do not go bad, so there is no risk of them going to waste sitting in your pool shed.

Regular Maintenance

When you pay for pool service, you pay for peace of mind and reliability. We want your pool to be ready when you are hosting a party, or just going out for a quick dip. Caring for your pool is a necessity, but it doesn’t have to be difficult.

Call SWFL Pool Solutions to maintain your Estero pool or hot tub. We also offer the best services and sales of pool heaters in the Estero area. Adding a heater to your pool can help increase the enjoyment of your investment. Call us today at (239) 494-6378.

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